How to Guarantee Your Look Is 100% Unique

If you’re a firm fashionista you’ll understand the importance of your outfit being plagiarism-proof – and you’ll also know the struggle to keep those unique looks affordable, fresh and fuss-free.

Luckily at The Outlet we’ve some experience in thrifty, nifty and never-before-seen styles and below we’ve shared our top tips for looking tip-top!

Eyes off the Size
True style gurus know that the size of a garment is just a number – whilst the frugal fashion lovers out there realise the really important number is on the price tag. If you spot an item in a fabric or pattern you love, but can’t find your size, grab it in any size – especially if it’s a bargain. If it’s too large, a good seamstress can fit it to you from around £10, while items on the smaller side can often be reimagined too!

Avoid Chain Stores
If you shop in the same places as everyone else, you’ll end up with the same things as everyone else. Whilst style is 90% in the assembly, unique looks are easier to achieve when the individual components aren’t found in everyone else’s wardrobes. Try standalone shops or places like your local The Outlet store (URL) to pick up some bargain beauties you won’t see on anyone else!

Double Up
This tip is great when you find a super bargain – when an item ticks all your boxes, buy more than one. Not only does it mean you have a spare in case your first one wears out – it’ll also mean nobody else can snag your style!

Tempted to try your hand at some unique style steals? Your local Outlet store has new stock arriving regularly and we’re sure you can find some gems in there. If you do, be sure to share them with us on Twitter using #OutletUnique!